The Terrific Twos

LPC has two busy and curious two year old classes, The Terrific Twos. 

These classes are divided between the younger two year olds, who are not potty trained, and the older two year olds (and some younger three year olds), who are potty trained.

We believe, as in all ages, our two year olds should be encouraged to learn and explore at their own pace and skill level. Providing potty trained and not potty trained two year old rooms allow time for potty training the children who are ready to accomplish this skill.  This also allows the children who have mastered the skill of potty training to move on to other social and academic horizons.

Two Year Olds

The lead teachers in both of our two year old rooms implement a daily curriculum that includes the Georgia Early Learning Standards. We encourage friendship, sharing, individual growth, and self-esteem. The children advance in their self help skills and in the recognition of the needs of their peers. The curriculum continues with monthly themes to include; shapes, colors, and the introduction of letters, numbers, seasons, weather, and much more. The children are exposed to a wide array of activities that increase cognitive and physical development. Every day includes activities such as; music, stories, outside fun, games, and more.