Our toddler programs consist of two groups.  The 12-18 month-old class and the 18-24 month-old class. Since there are so many changes during these few months we feel children are better served in small groups.

Our 12-18 month class is a transition from infant to the toddler stage.  This classroom allows the children to explore and develop at their own pace. Independent and assisted feeding is introduced as well as recognition of personal space and sharing.

The 18-24 month class further develops the skills of independent feeding, sharing and interacting with friends. This group is introduced to self-help skills such as helping to dress one’s self, playing with friends, and hygiene skills such as washing hands and faces.


Both the 12-18 month and 18-24 month classes encourage verbal communication and social development in a loving and supportive environment. The teachers follow the Georgia Early Learning Standards to implement the curriculum.  The curriculum has a monthly theme that implements story time, music, games, colors, shapes, and hands on activities to develop motor skills, as well as cognitive and physical development. Art and outside play are also a part of the children’s daily activities. Potty training is introduced as interest is shown by the child and/or requested by the parent.