Three Year Olds

Our three year old program is primarily for children who turn three before September 1st and who are totally potty trained. The Exceeds Curriculum and the Georgia Early Learning Standards are used to implement instruction with many activities and learning components.

Our program is a structured, child centered, and hands-on learning environment. As the children are continually building on academic and social skills previously introduced, they are introduced to new skills such as writing, problem solving, and cooperative and individual learning activities.

It is our goal to make sure children at LPC enjoy busy days full of love, learning and encouragement.

Three Year Olds

The children enjoy playing in centers such as dramatic play, science, manipulatives, library, blocks, and art.  The following areas are part of the daily schedule;  Physical Development, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Literacy Development, Cognitive Development, Transition Activities, Independence and Hygiene.  The three-year-olds have access to outside play and other various activities on a daily basis.