Our Leaders

Frankie Coker and Tammy Cantrell are the owners. Frankie and Tammy left their respective careers in 1986 to open a daycare center where children, as well as their own grandchildren, are nurtured with the love and affection they need while providing the best educational and child care experience possible.  They both have a credential in Child Development. Brooke Shelton is one of the Directors of the center and has been with the center for 26 years. Brooke has played many roles throughout the center. Michele Franklin is also a Director of the center and has been with the center for 22 years. Michele has played many roles throughout the center as well and has a TCC in childhood education.



The managerial staff at Little People’s Corner consists of two directors. The teaching staff includes two State Certified Pre-K teachers with Bachelor's Degrees in Early Childhood Education with the other full time teachers having a Child Development Specialist certificate in Early Childhood Education and Technical Teaching Certicates in childcare education.

Our highly trained Pre-K teachers and teaching staff are committed to the education and happiness of your child.  We pride ourselves in the high number of credentialed staff that are part of our team.  Our staff is trained in First Aid/CPR, Infectious Disease Control, Injury Prevention, and Child Abuse Awareness.  We participate annually in continuing and ongoing training opportunities in order to ensure that our staff remains current in all aspects of the health, safety, and education of your child.

Our staff members are carefully chosen on the basis of training, experience and those special qualities of love, care, nurturing, patience, understanding, and friendliness.  We have an exceptionally low staff turnover and are proud to say that over 65% of our lead staff has been with us for more than 10 years.  The longevity of our staff adds to the consistency and care of your child’s educational experience.

Our teachers and staff are truly remarkable.  They are the ones who make the biggest difference in giving your children the best possible early childhood educational experience.  Our staff members are personable and friendly and keep an open line of communication with the parents.  Our directors and staff work together to make LPC the best choice for your child.