Our Facility

Our center is well maintained and offers a clean, secure, and safe environment. It is important to us to provide a center that is nice and appealing to the children as well as the parents.  We have made additions and improvements throughout the years to accommodate what is best for our children.  Classrooms are well furnished with materials, supplies, learning resources, and many more items that are made accessible to the children each day.

Our lunchroom is where children ages three years and up eat breakfast and lunch.  The children are also provided with an afternoon snack each day which is served in the individual classrooms.  Our meals and snacks include a variety of food groups including meat and meat alternates, bread and grains, fruits, vegetables, and milk.  You can have confidence that we provide your child with wholesome meals to help them grow strong, healthy, and happy.

Our Facility

We are a state licensed child care center with a maximum capacity of 203.  We have classrooms to accommodate children six weeks to twelve years of age.  Our center sits on four acres with a one acre playground that provides spacious play areas that are separate for each age group.  Our playground has climbing equipment, slides, swings, and other types of play equipment which is age appropriate.  The toddler’s outside play area is a very large covered area which offers shade and protection from the sun.  We also have a large shaded track for tricycles and scooters, and a basketball court that offers a large shaded area for outside art and drawing.

The center has a security entry system for entering and exiting the building.  This allows monitoring of everyone that enters the facility.